"Awesome! Outstanding-such a blessing-thank you-I got to bring two friends, one non-Catholic who loved it! The Lord bless you and keep you! Look upon you kindly and be gracious to you! Turn His face to you and give you peace!"
~ Pam
"I really enjoyed the show! It touched my heart deeply, and I really think it gave a great message."
~ Rosie
"It was a wonderful play. I enjoyed every part from the beginning to the end. Truly inspirational. Lord is all merciful."
~ Adilene
"Wonderfully delightful! I want to be a saint! Inspiring and full of life. Thank you, Audrey – your performance is so well done. I couldn't believe it. My heart smiled."
~ Mounira
"So wonderfully creative! Very inspirational, and bringing the saints alive for us!?! What an incredible gift! So many could benefit."
~ Annette
"I am legally blind, and without Benedictus Moments, I wouldn't be as close to Our Lord as you have made possible."
~ John J.
"I loved working with Saint Luke Productions and would recommend them to others. This is a beautiful way to spread the faith!"
~ Christina