"I was simply overwhelmed and moved to tears. This drama is an experience of the presence of Christ Himself."
~ Sr. F. K.
"I had a beautiful and wonderful re-encounter with our Mother, the Immaculate Conception, whom I had abandoned. I am very blessed and thankful for such a wonderful gift of faith and love."
~ A. M.
"This show made me cry, but also gave me hope."
~ Nicholas H.

These meditations are a magnificent gift. Hear Joseph Ratzinger proclaim a deep religious fortitude with a sparkling intelligence. I listened carefully to Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI for many years and am grateful that this resource allows me to make him part of my daily prayers. When Defillipis speaks, he embodies these meditations so that listening every day is to have Benedict XVI standing with me leading the prayer. I highly recommend the book, Benedictus. Each page comes with a photograph of religious art surely selected by an expert who wants us to experience the breadth of biblical painting and mosaics throughout history. The book is well indexed and begins with a valuable introduction to Ratzinger and Benedict XVI. Thanks to all at Saint Luke productions and Ignatius press for making this available

~ Sanford
"Thank you so much for these reflections. They changed my perception of God! Pope Benedict's words changed a distant God into a loving, caring daily presence. I sense him as wanting to be in relationship with me."
~ PD
"I came to this performance thinking it would be good but did not expect the scope of how this production moved me down to the core. I highly encourage everyone to support and watch this show. This is a story that relates to all of our lives, whether young or old, and the message of Divine Mercy should be talked about and shared more in our society."
~ C.N.
"I left the Church feeling almost as if I had seen the Lord himself."
~ Paula B.