"Francis is so uplifting, and it gives us more hope to realize that in this materialistic culture of death, life cannot be bought with money, and that love is a free gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God continue to richly bless you and all of your productions. I would like the shows to be over here in England. Now that would be a blessing we so desperately need."
~ Julie
"After listening to the Modern Woman's story in Faustina, I finally felt there was hope for me. I went to confession and cried my eyes out. I was FORGIVEN."
~ Teresa
"I was simply overwhelmed and moved to tears. This drama is an experience of the presence of Christ Himself."
~ Sr. F. K.
"Whenever I struggle and want to run away and I hear the devil laughing at me, I see Saint John Vianney in your production and I find all the strength I need."
~ Leslie L.
"I had a beautiful and wonderful re-encounter with our Mother, the Immaculate Conception, whom I had abandoned. I am very blessed and thankful for such a wonderful gift of faith and love."
~ A. M.
"This show made me cry, but also gave me hope."
~ Nicholas H.
"Thank you so much for these reflections. They changed my perception of God! Pope Benedict's words changed a distant God into a loving, caring daily presence. I sense him as wanting to be in relationship with me."
~ PD