"Thank you so much for these reflections. They changed my perception of God! Pope Benedict's words changed a distant God into a loving, caring daily presence. I sense him as wanting to be in relationship with me."
~ PD
"I came to this performance thinking it would be good but did not expect the scope of how this production moved me down to the core. I highly encourage everyone to support and watch this show. This is a story that relates to all of our lives, whether young or old, and the message of Divine Mercy should be talked about and shared more in our society."
~ C.N.
"I left the Church feeling almost as if I had seen the Lord himself."
~ Paula B.
"You gain a more profound appreciation for The Passion and Mystery in Saint Luke's account of the Gospel in this dynamic special."
"Saint Francis: Troubadour of God’s Peace has earned plaudits in both Catholic and Protestant press. The play brings us closer to the heart of Christ."
~ The Chicago Catholic
"Whenever I struggle and want to run away and I hear the devil laughing at me, I see Saint John Vianney in your production and I find all the strength I need."
~ Leslie L.
"Francis is so uplifting, and it gives us more hope to realize that in this materialistic culture of death, life cannot be bought with money, and that love is a free gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God continue to richly bless you and all of your productions. I would like the shows to be over here in England. Now that would be a blessing we so desperately need."
~ Julie