Is Your Family Far Away?

By Patti Defilippis

The wonders of being an “away” grandmother.

Those of you with grandchildren living close by are blessed indeed. How wonderful to have them drop by at a moment’s notice or come for dinner on Sunday.

But I want to say a word about the wonders of being an “away” grandmother, which is my situation with all my grandchildren. If you come to visit for a week, you don’t just celebrate a meal or a birthday. You share early morning moments when they’re half asleep, walks, playtime and crafts during the day, and stories before bed. Your time with these little ones is intense and intimate. So this also is a blessing.

I never forget how blessed I am simply to have children and grandchildren. I’m praying that God fills all of us with a sense of His presence. May He shower us with the comfort of loving friends and family, who remind us of His love.