That They All May Be One

 Heal racial tension with Tolton: From Slave to Priest 

Actor Jim Coleman is determined to heal the wounds of racial division through our live drama, Tolton: From Slave to Priest. Join him by bringing the amazing story of America’s first Black priest to your hometown. 

Jim has seen people’s hearts, minds and spirits transformed by this production. 

“This show is for everyone right now,” he explains. “Father Tolton has changed my life. He’s softened my heart. As I tour the country, I realize that we’re all one in Christ. For me, this started out as a job, but now I see it as a mission.” 

What a beautiful way to draw your community together and celebrate our shared faith! After so much turmoil, we need reconciliation. Father Augustus Tolton is the man for the job. 

Be a vessel of healing. Host a Tolton show. Step out in faith and pick a date in 2021! 

Call today for more information: (360) 687-8029.