The Heart of Mercy Marathon

By Leonardo Defilippis

You and I can finish this race together.

When I first set out to create Heart of Mercy, our movie based on our Saint Faustina play, I thought the post-production editing process would be a sprint. However, God intended us to run a marathon! 

Unlike our other plays, this one is a mystical story of supernatural wonders. It became clear to me that the movie audience needed to see what Saint Faustina saw – especially her visions. 

But how could our editor Mien Yockmann and I achieve the special effects that Hollywood film companies would have a hundred people working on? Undaunted, we didn’t give up. 

With state-of-the-art technology, we jumped into building 3D environments to create Saint Faustina’s world. After many computer malfunctions and interruptions with COVID-19 and remote-working hurdles, finances, etc., the doors started opening. It’s looking beautiful. 

The evolution of this film has been a spiritual journey for Mien and me, as God has invited us to surrender to Him. As Jesus, Divine Mercy, says: “Nothing happens without sacrifice.” 

With God’s help, we’ll cross the finish line, and release Heart of Mercy on Saint Faustina’s feast day, October 5th. Keep praying! 

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