Has God Blessed You This Year?

He's blessed us too!

You would not believe how busy we’ve been. The pandemic downtime – no tours for more than a year – has allowed us to take on the huge task of digitizing all of our productions – audio and film – for streaming on internet platforms. 

Thank you for making it possible with your donations! You’ve helped us completely remaster each of our videos, enhancing the picture and sound and adding closed captions for the hearing impaired. If you speak Spanish, we'll soon have subtitles for you! This will mean we can reach so many more people all over the world with these life-changing dramas. 

After months of preparation our video and audio productions are now streaming on FORMED. FORMED is the Catholic Netflix, and it works the same way. Does your parish have a subscription? If so, you can watch our shows and lots of other Catholic content for free! Visit FORMED.org to learn more. 

Amazon Prime, YouTube, Pureflix, Audible, Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms will follow – keep checking and you’ll soon see us listed there as well. It’s a new chapter for us. 

Don’t get me wrong. The heart of Saint Luke Productions is still live theater. When the pandemic is over, and we’re together again (we’re praying that we’ll be touring again in the fall), people will be hungry for a live experience, so that we can laugh and cry and pray together. 

In the meantime, we’re watching in amazement as God opens doors for us to reach audiences across the globe. 

Please send what you can to help. And pray that the Lord sends people with the talent, skill and energy to move Saint Luke Productions into the future. Thanks, dear friends!