Climbing Higher

By Eric Bredbenner

I came for the magnificient scenery, and ended up with so much more.

When I first decided to move out west from Pennsylvania, I did so to experience the majestic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve loved the outdoors my entire life, so I was excited to live in a place that allowed me to continue hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. 

Once I arrived, I began to look for a job. When I saw the job posting at Saint Luke Productions, the position and specifically the ministry’s mission called to me. What drew me to SLP was the organization’s small size, and that everyone’s thoughts and ideas were listened to and appreciated. 

I love the team we have here at Saint Luke Productions. They have welcomed me and become something of a second family to me. Working here, my faith can have a strong presence in my daily life, which I believe makes me a better Catholic and person overall. Once again, God has led me to not only climb mountains in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but also spiritual mountains within my heart.