Are We Becoming Monks?

Family Reflections by Patti Defilippis

It's pretty quiet here.

Right now, I have adult children living in six states: Georgia, Kansas, Texas, Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington. It boggles the mind. 

After years of noisy dinners, crowded vans and stolen moments of solitude, Leonardo and I are living a relatively quiet, monk-like existence, by ourselves most evenings in our big house. Feels like the right thing for this phase in our lives. 

I still love our big family gatherings, and the grandchildren are the joy of my heart. Weddings are taking the place of college tuition for check writing. All good. 

My children need to make their own way. My life is not their life. 

I need to find my own peace and happiness. More and more, I am enjoying the simple routine of "Ora et Labora" – pray and work. Thank you, Lord, for the quiet, where I can do more good for my children

and the world than in busy activity.