African Friars Touched by Your Gift

Thanks to your generosity, our movie John of the Cross has been brought to Africa!

We collaborated with Carmelite Father Marie Joseph Dol, OCD in Senegal to produce the French subtitled version of the film. Then we gave him the rights to use it for the formation of priests and young people across the continent, completely free of cost.

Here are a few responses from the friars:

“What I take away from the film is the YES of John of the Cross to the Lord without any looking back.” Leonidas (Togo)

“What touched me the most about John of the Cross was his faith, his confidence in God, even during the darkest moments of his life. For the love of Christ, he was willing to suffer for his faith.” Olivier (Senegal)

“For sure, this film on our Father Saint John of the Cross helped us and touched us. We send our sincere thanks to the donors of the film.”  Evariste (Congo RDC)

We are so happy to have been able to give these young men in Africa this gift from you. Thank you!