Saint Luke Productions' Year of Mercy Rosary is simple yet profound, reflecting on Jesus as the Face of Mercy. The meditations before each mystery guide us to confidently approach God’s Mercy, no matter what our sins, to thank Him for the miracle of His forgiveness, and to forgive our enemies and spread God’s Mercy to our world.


If I order the cd do printed

If I order the cd do printed copies of the meditations come with it? I lead the rosary before mass and would love to have them printed out!

Unfortunately, they don't

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Unfortunately, they don't come with the meditations printed out. We will take that into consideration for future orders of this product and others. Thanks for your suggestion!

I too would love to have the

I too would love to have the printed copy of the meditations. Is there any way to get them printed. I would be willing to make a donation for them.

Craig, thanks for expressing

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Craig, thanks for expressing interest in having the meditations printed. We are happy to hear that you enjoy the meditations. We are considering having the meditations printed in some way. We'll keep you posted! Thanks and God bless. -SLP

Please tell me the name of

Please tell me the name of narrator of the meditations for the Year of Mercy Rosary is. His voice is so captivating I just can't get over it.
My wife who is a Theater Arts and Drama Teacher of 30 years (Ret) also commented on the depth and other qualities of his voice, (which I can't remember at this moment).
BTW, can you place picture of him on the site?

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